Connect Groups

Connect groups are one way we grow deeper in friendship, fellowship, and discipleship at CNC.

Connect groups are our way of growing deeper in friendship, fellowship, and discipleship at CNC. Groups are three or more people who meet regularly to ask each other how we are doing, explore the Bible, spend time praying for one another and where possible meet to share a meal, building community and friendship at CNC.

We have Connect groups that meet most nights of the week in different parts of Cheltenham. If you are interested in trying out a Connect group please get in touch via the contact us form on the website

Got Questions?

Wondering what all the fuss around Jesus is about? Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that tackle some of life’s big questions and explore the basics of the Christian faith.

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Find out more about what Cheltenham Network Church believe, why we believe it and what that could mean for you.

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